NOTICE: If anyone is interested in sending me stats for the new monsters in Ragnarok, let me know and I'll add them to the database. Feeling motivated.

Formless Undead Brute Plant Insect Fish Demon Demi-Human Angel Dragon
Neutral Water Earth Fire Wind Poison Holy Shadow Ghost Undead
Include MVPs/Plants/Ghosts Include Miniboss/Timed Spawn/Quest Monsters

EXP Modifiers
Battle Manual HE Manual

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Don't contact on Warp Portal any more. Account was suspended for attempting to offer support to GM's to fix this broken game.
For information on what each colour means, check out the EXP Scale Chart Doddler made.

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Include Low-End Monsters
Monster Level EXP Job HP Attack Race Element DEF MDEF Hit Flee EXP per HP JEXP per HP

04-02-2015 - 2 years since the last update eh? Submitting the page now saves the checkboxes. Lower end monsters were not showing due to a change. Fixed.
01-05-2013 - I'm still alive. Renewed the hosting with a new company so its cheap and nasty. Been developing an RO1 style clone in XNA. It seems this site still gets a LOT of visitors. I created a donation button for another project I'm working on, so I thought I would throw it here too.
15-10-2012 - Got banned on Warp Portal for trying to offer my suggestions. I've given up with this game. I was watching the forums, waiting for it to get better, so I could come back. I'll leave this site here until the hosting expires. If anyone wishes to take over let me know via iRO Wiki and I will give you the database and source code.
11-01-2012 - Finally finished converting the iRO 14.1 database, including monsters up to the kRO Bio 4 update. (Huge thanks to GM Oda, Biochemist-ness and Resplendent from iRO Wiki) Some things are still speculative, but once I get the new EXP Scaling formula, this page should get a massive overhaul. Those of you not playing on iRO, do not worry, I will keep the old database running still.
17-06-2011 - First update in a while. I put some instructions as a lot of new players are returning and not sure what EXP Scaling is all about with renewal. Also, it seems hopeful that Heimdallr is willing to give me the information for the Overlook Water Dungeon monsters, so I will put them in the database when I can. Another thing on my to-do list is to change Premium to VIP and change how the EXP works as it has all recently changed on iRO.
18-12-2010 - Added a few more features that I was PM'd and requested to add. These include Search Ranges, EXP Modifiers, and EXP to HP Ratio.
12-12-2010 - Tidied up the code some more. Looking at implementing this code directly into iRO Wiki Database.
16-11-2010 - 12:30AM - Ended up staying up and fixing element to work. Also added a feature to turn off mvps/plants/ghosts. Will add mini-boss option soon.
15-11-2010 - Tidied code up a bit. Race Search works, Element does not yet. Code is done but need to update database.
10-11-2010 - Rough working version. Searching still needs some work.